LibreELEC 9.2.x includes Kodi 18.x

LibreELEC 9.0.x includes Kodi 18.x

LibreELEC 8.2.x includes Kodi 17.x

LibreELEC 8.0.x includes Kodi 17.x

LibreELEC 7.0.x includes Kodi 16.x

Version 9.2

Stable: v9.2
9.2.0 Stable Blog Post
9.1.502 Beta Blog Post
9.1.501 Beta Blog Post
9.1.002 Alpha Blog Post
9.1.001 Alpha Blog Post

Version 9.0

OldStable : v9.0
9.0.2 Stable Blog Post
9.0.1 Stable Blog Post
9.0.0 Stable Blog Post
8.95.003 Beta Blog Post
8.95.002 Beta Blog Post
8.95.001 Beta Blog Post
8.90.009 Alpha Blog Post
8.90.008 Alpha Blog Post
8.90.007 Alpha Blog Post
8.90.006 Alpha Blog Post
8.90.005 Alpha Blog Post
8.90.004 Alpha Blog Post
8.90.003 Alpha Blog Post

Version 8.2

OldStable : v8.2
8.2.5 Stable Blog Post
8.2.4 Stable Blog Post
8.2.3 Stable Blog Post
8.2.2 Stable Blog Post
8.2.1 Stable Blog Post
8.2.0 Stable Blog Post
8.1.2 Beta Blog Post
8.1.1 Beta Blog Post
8.1.0 Beta Blog Post

Version 8.0

OldStable : v8.0
8.0.2 Stable Blog Post
8.0.1 Stable Blog Post
8.0.0 Stable Blog Post
7.95.3 Beta Blog Post
7.95.2 Beta Blog Post
7.95.1 Beta Blog Post
7.90.010 Alpha Blog Post
7.90.009 Alpha Blog Post
7.90.008 Alpha Blog Post
7.90.007 Alpha Blog Post
7.90.006 Alpha Blog Post

Version 7.0

OldStable : v7.0
7.0.3StableBlog Post
7.0.2StableBlog Post
7.0.1StableBlog Post
7.0.0StableBlog Post

Stable releases are considered to be production quality with no known bugs/issues. Beta releases are production quality but minor bugs/issues may exist. Alpha releases are not production quality and major bugs/issues should be expected.

Nightly releases are unsupported and provided for testing and proving of point issues. Do not expect stability. Do not expect any sympathy or assistance from developers if something goes wrong and breaks your working setup. Your failure to not make backups is not our problem.

In the archive you can find all previous official releases, where they are kept for those who need them.