Create a Build Environment

If you had already created a build environment, switch to it: cd ~/ Otherwise, create it: cd ~ git clone cd

Select a LibreELEC Release

To build the package for LibreELEC 8.0: : git checkout master To build the package for LibreELEC 7.0: : git checkout libreelec-7.0

Update the Build Environment

Pull the latest updates: git pull

Clean the Build Environment

make clean

Select a LibreELEC Project

At the time of writing the following LibreELEC projects were available. Select the appropriate project and prepend the build commands accordingly. ;Generic : PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64 ;Odroid_C2 (starting with LibreELEC 8.0) : PROJECT=Odroid_C2 ARCH=aarch64 ;RPi (Raspberry Pi Zero, Raspberry Pi) : PROJECT=RPi ARCH=arm ;RPi2 (Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry 3) : PROJECT=RPi2 ARCH=arm ;WeTek_Core : PROJECT=WeTek_Core ARCH=arm ;WeTek_Hub (starting from LibreELEC 8.0) : PROJECT=WeTek_Hub ARCH=aarch64 ;WeTek_Play : PROJECT=WeTek_Play ARCH=arm