Minimum requirements for a LibreELEC Community Build

  • Builds must be based on the upstream LibreELEC repository.
  • Builders must provide all source code 1) to allow the build to be reproduced by others.
  • Builders should make every effort to upstream bug fixes/enhancements that benefit the project by submitting Pull Requests to the LibreELEC repository.
  • Builders are asked to keep image version numbering in-line with (but not ahead) of official releases and/or master.
  • Builds that embed libwidevine, banned add-ons and repositories (including but not only piracy add-ons and repositories) etc. are strictly not allowed.
  • Builders must follow the LibreELEC branding policy.
  • Builders must follow the LibreELEC privacy policy.

LibreELEC Community Builders can request hosting space. Please contact a project admin at the forum (or create a forum thread).

Builds that do not comply with these requirements must not use the LibreELEC name or branding and - at the discretion of The Board - will not be permitted to use LibreELEC assets (forum, storage, bandwidth etc.).

If you plan to use LibreELEC in a commercial product please contact the team well in advance to discuss options. Alternatively under the GPL you have the right to re-brand LibreELEC and deliver it as your own product with your own infrastructure.

“source code” shall mean all modified LibreELEC repository source code and/or new packages present in the build, as this is often a GPL requirement. GitHub is the recommended platform for source code publication and collaboration.