This article is designed to help users to play the Blu-ray discs they have legally purchased. As no official Blu-ray player software is available, Linux users have to use open-source libraries capable of handling the DRM schemes that protect Blu-ray disc contents. This is legal in most countries where interoperability allows this.

Kodi (on LibreELEC) is capable of playing most Blu-ray discs once a KEYDB.cfg file has been downloaded to /storage/.config/aacs/KEYDB.cfg. To avoid potential legal issues for the project this file is not pre-installed into the distro image.

To install KEYDB.cfg, connect to your LibreELEC device via SSH, then run the following command:

mkdir -p /storage/.config/aacs 
curl -k -o /storage/.config/aacs/KEYDB.cfg

The file contains PK, HC and VUK data required for attempting the decryption process for more than 24,000 discs. You should re-run the above command periodically to refresh KEYDB.cfg and gain support for new Blu-ray discs.

For a detailed description on how DRM on Blu-ray works on Linux, please refer to this article on the Arch Linux wiki: